Read what farmers have to say about GREENFREESTALL® products and their impacts on herds across North America!

"The GREENFREESTALLS® were installed in October 2009. The cattle moved in early November. To date we have had no problems with the cattle using the stalls, or any instances of cattle having any trouble getting up and down in them. The ability of the stalls to flex to allow cattle easily get up and down is the best feature of stalls, and I would recommend them to anyone who is considering putting in free-stalls."

John Dortman
Ontario, Canada

"We installed a small section of GREENFREESTALL® in our barn in the spring of 2013. We place a high priority on cow comfort in our 2x Master Breeder Herd and have been pleased with how well the cows use this section in this barn. Even though we have the stalls spaced at 44" the big mature cows in particular prefer these stalls as they have more freedom of movement and no risk of injury."

Wikkerink Farms
Ontario, Canada

"We purchased 76 GREENFREESTALLS® in 2010. The GREENFREESTALLS® provide cow comfort and very few injuries. We were so satisfied with the results that in 2013 we purchased 375 more GREENFREESTALLS® to provide the same comfort to the rest of the herd. We use less bedding that with our old stalls. The new "Floating Neck-Rail" was a great addition to an already great stall."

DeJardin Farms
Wisconsin, USA

"The GREENFREESTALL® were easy to install going in within two days, with little interruptions to the whole herd. We love the GREENFREESTALL® but more importantly, the cows love them. In our barn, 50% are steel stalls and what we discovered is the cows prefer the GREENFREESTALL® which fill up first. Since the installation, cows are not getting stuck in the stalls."

Misty Hill Farms
Nova Scotia, Canada

"The GREENFREESTALL® are excellent! They are very cow-friendly. The cow seems to be extremely comfortable; they have so much room which makes getting up and down in the stalls so easy with no trouble at all. It is easier to level the bedding than other stalls. I would highly recommend the GREENFREESTALL® system to anyone and everyone. I would never go back to metal stalls."

Grand View Dairy Farm
Wisconsin, USA

"I couldn't be happier with the GREENFREESTALL®! The cows appear to really enjoy them. The flexibility of the stalls is outstanding; the stalls flex and bend with the cows. I have only had them installed for a short while, but I have already seen an improvement. I would definitely recommend the GREENFREESTALL® to anyone who is in the market to replace their metal stalls."

Daona Farm
Vermont, USA

"I really like the GREENFREESTALL®. New Heifers learning to use the stalls are not having any problems in them like they would in regular steel stalls. They are not getting injured and are not afraid to use the stalls."

Karl Steinhauer
Wisconsin, USA

"We had never considered a stall narrower than 48" due to the simplicity in construction. The 45" stall saved us a lot of square footage and the cows are just as comfortable... It is also 2,500 less square feet to bed in our barn with the same amount of stalls."

Motley Dairy
Virginia, USA

"The biggest benefit I see is for older cows, with steel stalls they can slide underneath and have a hard time getting up, bouncing off the pipes and such. With the GREENFREESTALLS® this is not an issue."

Menkhorst Farms
Nova Scotia, Canada

"The new stalls are great and the cows will lay on the outside row first before going to the steel head to head stalls. It is totally backwards than before, but we should listen to the cows, is what I was once told. And apparently they prefer the GREENFREESTALL® better."

Bartholome Farms
Minnesota, USA

"I like the stalls very much. With our steel stalls we always had injuries and had to pull out several cows. With GREENFREESTALL® we now have injury free cows! We recommend GREENFREESTALL® for cow well being."

John Martin
Ontario, Canada

"Since installing GREENFREESTALL® in our new freestall facilities in March 2014, we have noticed on a daily basis, the numerous advantages of the GREENFREESTALL®: Simplicity, Flexibility, Safety and Durability. We reached, with these stalls, our goals of comfort and animal well-being while ensuring great efficiency."

Bergeroy Holsteins
Quebec, Canada

"In 2012 we installed 100 GREENFREESTALL® in our new robot barn. Since then, we have had no problems with injuries due to the stalls and have upgraded our stalls to include the Floating Neck-Rail, which are a great addition to an already great stall. We would highly recommend these stalls for maximum cow comfort"

Moy Hall Farms
Ontario, Canada

"We have been very happy with the investment we made by installing the floating neck-rail on all of our milking and dry cow stalls. It has helped to keep stalls cleaner and lower sand usage. It does this by improving the laying and standing positions of cows and heifers of various sizes. I believe it has benefits for many types of barns but with the constant changes in the height of the sand it is even more beneficial when used together with sand bedded stalls."

Breezy Holsteins
Ontario, Canada

"I am very happy with my GREENFREESTALL®, they are incredible! My cows had no problem adjusting to their new bedding. The flexibility of the GREENFREESTALL® allows the cows to move in and out of the stalls easily and comfortably. GREENFREESTALL® have so many advantages that I think they are the future in free stalls."

Ferme Luchanel Jersey
Quebec, Canada